The Mandolin Orchestra of Niagara

sylvia hlywka brabson

Sylvia Hlywka Brabson has been the orchestra conductor and choir director for the MOON since its inception in 1996. Prior to that she performed the same duties with the Welland Mandolin Orchestra. As well as conducting, Sylvia orchestrates many of the arrangements with her unique talent of making ordinary music special.

Her talents don't stop there. Sylvia is also an accomplished musician in her own right, and sings and plays keyboard with a Celtic group, McPhersons Rant in her "spare time".

Sylvia can be contacted for information or interviews at or by telephone at 905-734-9378.

cd Featuring a number of instruments in addition to the mandolin family, the CD offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Music from Ukraine, Greece, Spain, Russia, Italy, Scotland, and Ireland invokes memories of the Old Country, while several North American classics bring to mind days gone by.

At a special cost of $10, the CD is available for order by email or phone at the following sources:
  • St. Catharines - Janet (905-646-5874)
  • Port Colborne or Welland - Sharryn (905-834-0941)

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