The Mandolin Orchestra of Niagara

The dominant sound is, of course, the mandolin and the mandolin family of instruments complemented by piano, guitar, percussion, and bass viol. Special effects on various occasions are added by an eclectic group of other instruments including violin, clarinet, flute, accordion, bandura, Celtic whistle, banjo, tuba, flugel horn, and even bagpipes.

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McPherson's Rant
Peninsula Orchestra

The MOON is happy to have new members of all skill levels. If you play an instrument in the mandolin family and can read music, come out and attend a practice session and see if it's for you. Call 905-734-9378 for details.

Small Groups

Many of our members play in other smaller groups and ensembles, capable of providing music to suit almost any occasion. If you are having a special function requiring small group music the MOON would be pleased to provide contacts.

"Save a Tree"

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